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Family Tree - Lee Hon

Family tree of Lee Hon

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Source: Lee Association 1997 Boston Convention pamplet.

A) Lee Hon's descendants settled in a wide area which included Zhongshan, Doumen, Nanhal, Taishan, Keshan, Xinhui and Kaiping
Note on where Lee Hon's descendants settled
B) According to a copy of the Wunbu Lee Hon Cikpu courtesy of WengOnn Lee:

  1. Yingseng is Lee Ze's third son not eldest as shown here.
  2. Yingming died without issue.
  3. Jiefu, Duanfu and Yuanfu were sons of Yingshi with Duanfu being the eldest and Yuanfu the toungest.
C) According to information from my village elders Duanful is the third son.

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