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Chinese Genealogy forums

There are many online forums devoted to Chinese Genealogy. Some are operated by institutes and some by private citizens. Searching them out could be a tedious task and a time waster. This page contains sites from my bookmark file. Just like everything else in life some forums are active while some are inactive. You can always request Genealogy.com to set one up for your surname.

If you come across a new Chinese genealogy forum or one that's not on the list please email me the url and I'll add it to this page. Thank you!

Please note each link opens in a separate window.

Twin dragons The surname Chan ZZZ (Chen, Chin)

The surname Chang 弡Z (Cheung, Zheung)

The surname Chow ZZZ (Chau Zhou)

The surname Fong ZZZ (Fang, Feng)

The surname Guan ZZZ (Kwan, Quan)

The surname Ho 佡Z (He, Ko)

The surname Lee ZZZ (Li)

The surname Ng ZZZ (Eng, Ing, Ang, Woo, Wu)

The surname Wong 黡Z (Huang)

The surname Woo ZZZ (Wu, Hu)

Chinese Roots

Chinese Roots (簡ZZ)

Chinese Roots (繡Z髡Z)

Chinese Surname Queries

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