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Chinese Genealogy web sites

Genealogy and the internet? A perfect match! Finding a long lost cousin or information should be nothing more than a walk in the park. Only problem is it is the biggest park in the world! And it is getting bigger each day as more pages come online. Finding genealogy sites is no problem but it is an entire different matter with Chinese genealogy sites. Because of China's many dialects and Romanization methods there could be multiple versions of a single surname. There are some exotic overseas Chinese surnames due to local customs and cultures. In some countries Chinese surnames lost all traces of Chinese characteristics due to government policies. Let's hope a listing of some Chinese genealogy sites will make life easier for us.

If your site is Chinese genealogy related or know of any site with similar theme please email me the url or the email address of the owner and I'll contact the site owner for permission to initiate a link. Thank you!

Please note each link opens in a separate window.

Twin dragons Cheung Family Genealogy Page

The Family of Yap Yeow Chin in Singapore

Ching/Chung Family Tree

House of Chinn

Reimy Ching's Family Tree

Chinese in Guyana: Their Roots

Chow Family in Canada

Sanford N Chow - InterneTree

Eng Suey Sun of Taishan - Hon Yuen House

Eng Suey Sun of Taishan - Look Wai House


Family Tree of Sally G Goh

Hakka - An Important Element of Chinese Culture

FY Ho's Genealogy

This is the family of Hor Do Yee

Ho Family - Hakka (FuiChiu)


Kuang Family

The Kuang Sisters' Family Home Page

A Kwan Family Page


Kwok Dit Chiu's Family Tree

Lee's Family Achives

Leong Family Tree

The Leow Clan Worldwide

Lew-Lei Au

Lin's Family Tree


The Sing (Sim,Sims) family of Australia

The Soo family

Thien Genealogy Home Page

Tom Genealogy

Historical Roots of the Tong & Yan Clans

Wang Family of Shu Lin, Taiwan


The Wong Yuen Family of Hawaii Home Page

David Wong's Personal Website

Yee-Aquino Family Home Page

Man Sue & Man How Yee Descendants

Yen Family Genealogy

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