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Chinese surnames and spelling variations

This is a listing of the spelling variatons of some of Chinese surnames surnames that we know of:

區 Au, Aun, Ou

歐 Au, Aun, Ou

白 Bai, Bak, Pak, Pek, Pack

費 Bei, Bi, Fai, Fay, Fei

薄 Bo, Bok

蔡 Cai, Choi, Choy, Toy, Tsai

曹 Cao, Chao, Cho, Tsao

陳 Chan, Chen, Chin, Chinn, Tan, Tran (Vietnam)

張 Chang, Cheung, Jeung, Zhang

章 Chang, Cheung, Jeung, Zhang

蔣 Chiang, Chung, Jiang

周 Chau, Chow, Jew, Joe, Zhou

謝 Che, Der, Hsieh, She, Sheih, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Xie, Ze

程 Cheng, Ching

鄭 Cheng, Zheng

趙 Chiu, Zhao, Jiu

莊 Chong, Chuang, Jong, Zhuang

朱 Chu, Zhu

簡 Con, Gan, Gann, Jian, Kane

鄧 Dang, Deng, Tang

謝 Der, Che, Hsieh, She, Sheih, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Xie, Ze

杜 Doe, Du, Tao, To Tu

董 Dong, Dung, Tong, Tung

伍 Eng, Wu

斐 Fai, Fay, Fei, Bei, Bi

費 Fai, Fay, Fei

方 Fang, Fong

馮 Feng, Fung

傅 Foo, Fu

甘 Gam, Gan, Gum

高 Gao, Gou, Kao, Ko

荊 Geng, Jing, King

甄 Gin, Jin, Yan, Yen

江 Gong, Jiang

龔 Gong, Gung, Kung

鞏 Gong, Gung

古 Goo, Gu, Koo, Ku, Kuo

顧 Goo, Gu, Koo, Ku, Kuo

關 Guan, Kwan, Quan

郭 Guo, Gwok, Kwok

韓 Han, Hon

郝 Hao, Kwok

侯 Hau, Hou, Howe

何 He, Ho

覃 Hom, Hum, Tan, Thom, Tom

譚 Hom, Hum, Tan, Thom, Tom

洪 Hong, Hung

康 Hong, Kang

項 Hong, Xiang

謝 Hsieh, Der, Che, She, Sheih, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Xie, Ze

徐 Hsu, Tsui

薛 Hsueh, Seid, Sit, Xue

華 Hua, Wa, Wah

胡 Hu, Woo, Wu

許 Hui, Xu

孔 Hung, Kong

葉 Ip, Yap, Yeh, Yip

任 Jen, Ning, Ren, Yam, Yum

江 Jiang, Gong

井 Jing, Zeng

姚 Jiu, Yao, Yiu

莊 Jong, Chuang, Chong, Zhuang

鄺 Kan, Kong, Kwong

高 Kao, Ko, Gao, Gou

柯 Ke, Orr, Or

古 Koo, Ku, Kuo, Goo, Gu

顧 Koo, Ku, Kuo, Goo, Gu

龔 Kung, Gong, Gung

關 Kwan, Guan, Quan

郭 Kwok, Guo, Gwok

郝 Kwok, Hao

黎 Lai, Li

厲 Lai, Li

林 Lam, Lim, Lin Lum

柳 Lau, Liu

劉 Lau, Liu, Lou

羅 Law, Lo. Low, Lowe, Luo

李 Lee, Le, Li, Ly (Vietnam)

梁 Leung, Liang, Liong

廖 Lew, Liao, Liu

練 Lian

勞 Loa, Lou

陸 Lok, Luk

龍 Long, Loong, Lung

盧 Loo, Lou, Lu

呂 lu, Lui

馬 Ma, Mah, Mar, Marr

麥 Mack, Mak, mark, Mei

墨 Mack, Mak, mark, Mei

文 Man, Mann, Moon, Wen

閔 Man, Mann, Moon, Wen

聞 Man, Mann, Moon, Wen

孟 Mang, Meng

梅 Mei, Mui

穆 Mu. Muk

吳 Ng, Wu

顏 Ngan, Yan

牛 Ngau, Niu

任 Ning, Jen, Ren, Yam, Yum

區 Ou, Au, Aun

歐 Ou, Au, Aun

潘 Pan, Penn, Poon, Pun

彭 Pang, Peng, Phang

關 Quan, Guan, Kwan

丘 Qiu, Yau

邱 Qiu, Yau

任 Ren, Jen, Ning, Yam, Yum

沙 Sa, Sha, Shah

沈 Sam, Shen, Shum, Sum

岑 Sam, Shen, Shum, Sum

佘 Se, She, Sheh

薛 Seid, Sit, Hsueh, Xue

司徒 Seeto, Seto, Situ, Szeto

謝 She, Sheih, Der, Che, Hsieh, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Xie, Ze

商 Sheng, Xiang

施 Shi, Si, Sze

蕭 Siew, Siu, Xiao

蘇 So, Soo, Sou, Su

宋 Song, Soong, Sung

孫 Suen, Sun, Syun, Xuan

雪 Syut, Xue

覃 Tan, Thom, Tom, Hom, Hum

譚 Tan, Thom, Tom, Hom, Hum

唐 Tang, Tong

湯 Tang, Tong

田 Tian, Tien, Tin

董 Tong, Tung, Dong, Dung

曾 Tsang, Tseng, Tzeng, Zeng

謝 Tsia, Tse, Tze, Der, Che, Hsieh, She, Sheih, Xie, Ze

華 Wa, Wah, Hua

韋 Wai, Way, Wei

衛 Wai, Way, Wei

溫 Wan, Won, Wun

王 Wang, Waung

屈 Wat, Watt

翁 Weng, Yong

汪 Wong

黃 Wong, Huang, Hwang

項 Xiang, Hong

商 Xiang, Sheng

蕭 Xiao, Siew, Siu

謝 Xie, Der, Che, Hsieh, She, Sheih, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Ze

許 Xu, Hui

薛 Xue, Hsueh, Seid, Sit

雪 Xue, Syut

任 Yam, Yum, Jen, Ning, Ren

甄 Yan, Yen, Gin, Jin

嚴 Yan, Yim

顏 Yan, Ngan

羊 Yang, Yeung, Young

楊 Yang, Yeung, Young

姚 Yao, Yiu, Jiu

葉 Yap, Yeh, Yip, Ip

丘 Yau, Qiu

邱 Yau, Qiu

岑 Yau, You

余 Yee, Yu, Yue

庾 Yee, Yu, Yue

俞 Yee, Yu, Yue

阮 Yuan, Yuen, Nguyen (Vietnam)

袁 Yuan, Yuen

謝 Ze, Che, Der, Hsieh, She, Sheih, Tsia, Tse, Tze, Xie

井 Zeng, Jing

曾 Zeng, Tsang, Tseng, Tzeng

莊 Zhuang, Chuang, Chong, Jong

朱 Zhu, Chu

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