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Chow Song An

Song An was born on 1382 and died in 1459 AD. He was the grandson of the first Chow ancestor to settle in the Lei-Ow area. However, just about all the Chow's currently living in the area are descendents of his six sons.

Since 1949 due to political reason his grave haven't been tended to. Consequently, weeds took over, fell into disarrayed and deterioration sets in. Finally in August 2000, it was decided to renew the grave site. A committee consisted of people from China and overseas was formed to raise the necessary funding and to oversee the work. Work started on November of the same year and completed the following Spring in time for Qing Ming (ŠŞíZíZíZíZ). The photo above was taken at that time.

Please click to see photo of the restored tombstone.