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Ben Yen Chow


Thank you for set up the websibe and let me know the chow family tree. I have a problem, I don't know can you help me?

My grandfather have gone to Canada to work around 1915 and was dead around 1958-1959. I have never seen my grandfather's look because I was born after he dead. My father told me my grandfather went to Canada to work because he wanted to provide a best living to their families. But I am unhappy that even my grandfather dead, no one know where is he buried. About 10 years before, one of my father's relative who told my father that my grandfather was passed away in St. Hoseph Hostipal and buried in Fraser Lawn. I don't know whether it is true or false. I have tried to go to Vancouver to check but the government told me that they have no record.

So Kevin, Can you help me to check although I know it is very difficult and not easy to find, as a granddaughter, I don't want my grandfather used his half life in Canada due to give a best living to his family and now he dead, no one know where he buried.

I can only provide very little information to you, the informations are as follows :

  1. My grandfather's name and address in China.
  2. ╴╴函╴單╴╴ (CHOW BING YAN) 撱╴╴梁╴╴╴╴╴撟喟腦╴╴╴撏╴敹╴敹╴╴╴╴
  3. Name and address in Canada
    • He had a relative called ╴╴典振瞏╴, his mailing address was BOSTON CAFE, 199, BRUNSWICK STREET, HALIFAX NO. 8 CANADA.
I know only this information, it is very difficult to find. Anyway I hope you can help me.

Vancouver Chow Association I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Best Regards

Renita Chau

This email of email of March 2, 2003 set me down a road I've never travelled before. It looked so straight forward because everything seemed to be in order:

  1. there is a name with the properly spelling
  2. the approximate years of death
  3. there is a Mount St. Joseph Hospital which is known locally as the Chinese hospital
  4. the cemetery (Fraser Lawn) is a bit tricky as there are three local possible cemeteries
    1. Fraser Cemetery in New Westminister
    2. Forest Lawn Cemetery in Burnaby (the lawn part of the name given by Renita)
    3. Mountain View Cemetery on Fraser Street, Vancouver
plaque on Ben Yen Chow's gravel Of course, life is never this simple and easy. After exhausting all obvious and potential leads I finally turned to my friend, Al Chinn, for advice. He suggested a search of the online databases. A search on Google for "cemetries in BC" eventually led me to the BC Vital Statistics web site. Searching for "Yen Chow" and "Bing Yan Chow" returned no hit but a search for "Chow" returned three hits. One of them was Ben Yen Chow, September 9, 1957.

One of the contacts during the search was Mr. Bak Lip Chow from the Vancouver Chow Association. He said Ocean View Cementery was a popular burial site with the Chinese despite the fact it is located in Burnaby. Armed with this information I contacted Ocean View Cementery and inquired about Ben Yen Chow. They checked their records and confirmed Mr. Ben Yen Chow is indeed buried there.

After visiting the gravel site and seeing the single plot burials there I started to wonder how of them are waiting to be discovered by their descendants? And how many people are in a situation similar to Renita Chau?

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